šŸ“˜ Register to become a Saver

Every Saver recieves a unique link after signing up, which is equal to your Twitter handel i.e. Naval's Saved url = http://saved/so/naval

šŸ¦ On Twitter

When you come across a Tweet you want to save, simply respond to the tweet with hashtag "#save" and tag the account @savedsolink

This can be amongst other words in your tweet.

You also can respond to any tweet in a thread and we will save the start of the thread.

ā° Every Hour

We automatically add new saved tweets to your Saver repository.

Access your repository any time at your Saved link: http://saved/so/naval

šŸ’° Price

I'll be the first to admit, this service does have a long way to go in terms of looking sweet and running that little bit smoother, but it does WORK!.

In the mean time, the launch price for the Basic plan is $5/YEAR for the first year. If you would like something prettier, you can check out https://readwise.io/ for $8.99/MONTH.

āš™ļø *Set-up

Repositories will be live <24 hours. However, once registered you can begin Saving immediately.

šŸ‘‘ Coming soon (PRO Plan)...

There are a lot of potential additions to Saved. For Basic accounts, the plan in the short term is to break up Saved posts by week, giving you a better catalogue of your history.

Additionally, we will plan to introduce a Pro plan. Pro plans will allow for private repositories and in-line comments from the Saver.

Please remember, Saved is not affiliated with Twitter in any way. All Tweets are owned by original owners. If you would like a Tweet removed from Saved.so, please feel free to contact us at admin@saved.so.